9'6 DeadLogs Bolt

Shred Season

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Description:  Inspired by the Black Rose Deviated Septum, this locally made longboard has a variety of characteristics that allow it to work great in various conditions.  Relatively flat rocker which makes it great for the smallest of waves and allows rider to get into waves early and the speed needed to make crucial sections.  The outline is relatively parallel and pulls in towards the tail which allows this board to turn very well.  Great first longboard for a surfer as this board will be easy to ride, has great glide and fun.  The design is a fabric inlay cut out from a tapestry.

Shaper: DeadLogs out of James Island, SC

Rider:  Intermediate-Advanced

Dimensions:  9'6 x 19" x 23 1/4" x 15 3/4" 

Condition: This board is fairly used.  Not going to sugar coat it, there are a lot of repaired dings on this board.  Two big ones on the rails, two on each corner of the squash tail, one on nose, and a couple other various smaller ones.  There are also spider cracks on the bottom near the fin box and nose, but they are not going to seap in water, just something to look out for.  This board is watertight and has plenty of life left, just had a couple injuries.