9'6 Deadlogs Pig

Shred Season

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Description: 9'6 Pig outline with a few tweaks, this board was handshaped in James Island, South Carolina by DeadLogs, a local shaper and surfer.  The Pig surfboard outline was developed in the 1950s by California pioneer Dale Velzy to allow surfers to make sharp maneuvers, cutbacks, and sharp turns.  The main characteristics include the widest point being pushed back towards the tail,  a wide and full tail, and a sharp narrow nose.  This board will turn on a dime and shoot across waves!  Although some riders only prefer bigger boards for small glassy conditions, the pig can be great for bigger waves as well because of its looseness.  Also a deep spoon concave in the nose makes this board a great option for someone looking to noseride frequently.  Overall this board would be great for all levels of riders and would be a great addition to anyones quiver! 

Shaper: Deadlogs out of James Island, SC
Rider: Beginner and up 
Wave height: 1ft - 6ft (ankle- head high)
Fin boxes: Single
Needs: Leash & Fin

Dimensions: 9'6" X 23" X 2 1/4"
Condition: This board is in great condition! Very slight pressure dings on nose, and minor fully sealed repairs, one on tail and one on rail, see pictures for details.  Repairs on board are very strong and guaranteed for as long as you own it!