9'6 Shred Season "Vader"

Shred Season

Regular price $650.00

Description:  We call this one the Vader because of the black resin tint.  This would be a great board for a newer surfer!  It's very thick and wide increasing the volume heavily making paddling and catching waves easy.  It also has a narrower tail to make maneuvering easier, and full soft rails which excel in small gutless surf.   Overall, this board would make for a great cruiser and would be perfect for those looking to get a super board without a huge learning curve!

Dimensions:  9'6 x 23 3/4" x 3"

*This Board does not come with a fin or leash

Condition:  Very good condition, no repairs done and few pressure marks from the rider cross stepping.  Please note if you decide to purchase this board to NOT leave it in direct sunlight.  Once in the water it is ok, but due to the dark color this board heats up very fast and should not be left on beach or in yard too long as the foam can expand.  Recommend getting a board bag with this one!