9'8 DeadLogs Longboard

Shred Season

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Description: Hand shaped in James Island, this board is designed to get the rider to the nose in our soft, crumbling waves of Folly Beach, SC.  With this board you would not believe the amount of fun you will have on a day you normally wouldn't even consider paddling out.  Constructed using PU/Poly, the tried and true method that has been around the longest. 

The design focus in creating a noserider is to keep the board in the pocket (breaking part of wave) the longest.  The wide square tail on this board allows it to slow down while in the pocket giving the rider more time in the best part of the wave for noseriding.  The wide square tail also gives a wide surface area for the lip of the wave to land on to counterbalance the weight of the rider on the nose.  

Another feature which makes this board a great option for noseriding is both the tail rocker and nose concave which help create lift when a rider is perched up at the nose. 

Lastly, the rails on this board are sharper and knifier which makes it a great option for Folly Beach, or IOP.  The waves we get here typically have some texture, and these rails allow the board to cut through the mush like a knife generating longer rides. 

Dimensions 9'8" x 23" x 2 1/2" 

Condition: Brand new