Channel Islands - The Black Beauty

Channel Islands - The Black Beauty

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DESCRIPTION:  Sick high-performance board designed by Al Merrick.  Pin tail for sharp maneuvering and snappy turns.  Recommended for an intermediate to advanced surfer.  This would be a good step-up board for someone 5'7" or shorter for their first shortboard.  Fins sold seperately.  

SHAPERS DESCRIPTION:  "The Black Beauty has become one of our most popular step up boards. A replica of Tom Curren’s famous 1985 Bell’s Beach, Occy beating, and world title winning board. Vee bottom makes this a great board for good waves. Power, speed and flow are timeless cornerstones of good style. The trend to shorter and wider boards has come at the expense of drive, and with top surfers around the globe revisiting power surfing, the timeless design of Curren’s 1985 Black Beauty has not gone unnoticed. As evident by Connor Coffin’s recent performance at Jeffrey’s Bay this board is the gold standard for those seeking to surf with pure power and style."

COMES WITH:  DK traction pad.

DIMENSIONS:  6'3" x 18 3/4" x 2 1/2"

VOLUME:  30.0L

CONDITION:  Small spiderweb crack on the bottom (pictured).  Repair on bottom towards nose.  Finbox has been repaired.  Small repair on tail.  Small hole on nose (see pictures and videos for closeups of repairs and damaged areas).  Overall this board is in great shape.  We recommend having the small holes sealed up before riding.  Talk to us about doing repairs!