Liquid Force PS3 - 141cm

Liquid Force PS3 - 141cm

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DESCRIPTION: 2011 model.  Recommended for intermediate-advanced riders.  Three-stage hybrid rocker and two warped molded fins.

CONSTRUCTION:  DISC Hull (Double-Inside-Single-Concave) through the center: Softens landings and maintains board speed.  Tip Exiting Slots: Channel water away in the right direction which helps generate speed while keeping you locked coming up to the wake.  Tip to Tail Longitudinal Grain Wood Stringer with Durable Grind Surface for durability and strength.

ROCKER AND BASE FEATURES:  A 3-Stage Hybrid Rocker has a straighter center curve for edging control and speed with an exaggerated kink of the tips for an easy tail section transition and increased trajectory off of wakes.

RAILS/EDGES:  Beveled variable edge rail is a lifted rail in the center that generates a quick catch-free roll onto the edge

ADDITIONAL FEATURES:  The Liquid Force PS3 Wakeboard features warped molded fins; as the fins grow towards the tail they warp inward creating a loose feel when in neutral and a hard core hold when you edge.

DIMENSIONS:  141 x 43.5cm

CONDITION:  Excellent condition.  No damage.  Minimal signs of use.