O'Brein CTP 135cm Wakeboard

O'Brein CTP 135cm Wakeboard

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DESCRIPTION:  Brand new 2016 model, still packaged wakeboard from O'Brein.  Variable bevel edge profile.  Weight recommendation is 100-180lbs.  

MANUFACTURER DESCRIPTION:  "Cory Teunissen fired over some specific requests and right away we knew his signature board was going to parallel his riding… next level. Last season, Cory requested our Feather Core to reduce weight but wanted some extra kick so we placed two carbon fiber stringers in the tip and tail with impressive results. This season we’ve taken the one step further. We kept the Delta Base and 3-Stage rockerline keeping the CTP fast and edging effortlessly, but decided to run carbon the full length of the board so as the board rides up the face of the wake, it stores 100% of the energy put into it, then releases it with explosive vertical pop."

COMES WITH:  Flank 0.7 fins.

DIMENSIONS:  135cm x 42.4cm

CONDITION:  Brand new in package.