6'6 Salick Surfboards EARLY 70's Vintage Surfboard

Shred Season

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Here we have a Vintage early 1970s Salick Surfboard made in Cocoa Beach Florida.
Dimensions: 6'6   13 3/4 x 20 x 14 1/2 x 3
Has Classic Gordon and Smith fins boxes and custom airbrush spray. All repaired, re-buffed and polished by David Farina ready for the water or as an art piece for your collection
Some background about Salick Surfboards and East Coast Legacy
A revered surfboard shaper and a feared competitor who competed on the U.S. and World Surfing Teams in the '60s and '70s, Rich was first diagnosed with kidney disease in 1973 before twin brother Phil donated his own kidney -- and the good mission began. Since boosting their grassroots invitational into a national event, the NKF Pro-Am Surf Festival has raised over $5 million for patient support, public education and organ donation. And while Salick was known globally for his tireless work with the National Kidney Foundation -- where for three decades he hustled all around the state meeting with volunteers to help patients get the care they required -- not to mention his and twin brother Phil's ultra prestigious four-day-long surfing festival held every Labor Day (last year's event raised $125,000 for the NKF) -- fellow East Coast Surfing Hall of Famer Matt Kechele recalls a more intimate, yet no less profoundly touching, influence.

"When I was 11, Rich and Phil opened a surf shop at the end of my street at 3rd Street North in Cocoa Beach," remembers Kechele, one of hundreds of Brevard County surfers to benefit from Salick's tutelage and generosity. "The Salicks were the first to believe in me, support me and encourage me to start doing contests. They were definitely huge role models in my life and their team was pretty amazing back in the day. Rich was just so giving. He was a father figure to so many people around here. Everyone knew he had health issues from all the transplants, and he was battling some other cancer, too. He was sick for a long, long time, which makes it all the more amazing how many peoples' lives he affected. You can look at his Facebook page to get an idea. And what he's done with the NKF Surf Festival -- which I believe is the largest charitable surfing event in the world, as well as one of the longest-running pro events on the East Coast -- is incredible. There was lots of good work done by that man. I'm sure his brother's going to have a hard time figuring out a place big enough to hold the funeral/wake. So many people will want to come pay their respects."
"Rich was just so giving. He was a father figure to so many people around here."
-- Matt Kechele
Kelly Slater, who surfed his first contest ever at eight years old, the 1980 Salick Brothers Surf Contest, in front of the Islander Hut,
Tweeted the following on his Twitter feed: "#RIPRichSalick Made my 1st surfboard, ran 1st event brothers & I ever surfed in, family friend for life, ran NKF w/his brother, FL Legend! It never gets old having lifelong friends but it sure does saying goodbye to them."

Surfline sends our most heartfelt condolences to the entire Salick family during this difficult time. Stay tuned to www.nkfsurf.com for more information on the event, updated memorial details, and the ever-expansive Salick legacy.