Hayley Graham, owner of The Telegram, experience with Shred Season

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By Hayley Graham, Owner of The Telegraham
This is how The Telegraham and Shred Season began a partnership. Being the owner of a social media marketing business, when I wanted to buy a used surfboard in the Charleston area,  I took to social media platforms to find that business. After a quick search, I came across  Shred Season’s Instagram, and I was immediately impressed. I continued searching through their Facebook and website only to find out that the owner and founder Liam Becker is a young entrepreneur as well.
Liam graduated from College of Charleston with a degree in business administration and has loved the sport of surfing for years.  After an unfortunate experience with a used surfboard purchase on Craigslist, Liam decided that he wanted to use his business skills so no one else was left  with a very damaged and unusable board like he was. And, thus, Shred Season was born!
Shred Season has now been in business for a year and his boards are selling left and right. Liam says, “I began conceptualizing this business when I was attending The College of Charleston.  I was on my own financially when I was in school, so saving up enough for another surfboard  was very difficult (while also paying rent, tuition and bills).  
One time I was ripped off on a board I bought through Craigslist.  It was covered in wax and stickers.  I didn’t know what to look for when buying a used board at the time.  There were holes under the stickers and wax that were beyond repair.  It was waterlogged, and completely ruined.  I texted, emailed and called him several times, and never heard back from him.  So how do I prevent this from happening to other people?  
I began to think of ways to require people to show all damage and repairs along with an honest description.  Then, Shred Season was born!”
Thrilled at the prospect of owning my first board, and equally thrilled to meet another young entrepreneur,  I contacted  Liam about a sweet 6'5" Minimal Fish surfboard.  After a bit of back and forth communication, all very prompt and professional, I might add,  I decided that this was the perfect board for me. Liam met me at the Bohemian Bull on Folly Rd. in James Island. This is where Liam meets all of his Shred Seasons customers whether they are buying or selling. He made sure that I looked at the board with great detail to make sure that it was exactly what I expected. It was perfect! Even after the purchase, Liam followed up with me to make sure I was still pleased. Customer service was above and beyond!
These conversations led to collaborating on each other’s social media, bouncing ideas and tips and tricks off each other. Working with another successful, hard working, and driven young local entrepreneur was a great experience! This is why we should be supporting one another and making strides to make sure that small businesses thrive and pave a new path for those up and comers. Encouraging others to dream big and do what they love is what keeps our own fires burning.
  – Hayley Graham, Owner of The Telegraham - Original Post