South Carolina's online surf shop!

About Us

What is Shred Season?

Shred Season is South Carolina's online surfboard shop!
We do not have a physical store, which allows us to keep our overhead cost down.  Instead, our team meets our customers in person so we don't have to charge as much for surfboards as a regular store does. 
 We make board buying as easy as possible.  Our team works with every customer to make sure you get the right board for your height, weight and experience.  We meet our buyers and sellers in person at Bohemian Bull on James Island

What We Do

We treat every used board with love and care as if it's our own.  Stickers and wax are completely removed to make sure no damage can be covered up.  If a used board has damage, we professionally repair the board to ensure it is water tight!
Years ago, we teamed up with David Farina- a reputable east coast shaper that has been building surfboards since 1989.  With Shred Season's low-overhead business model, we can afford to offer high-performance custom shapes for less that a surf shop. 
Our goal is to sell as many custom surfboards as possible, so we want our new customer to become good surfers.  To do this, we offer high-performance beginner boards so our customers can advance their surfing skills quickly!  We carry Liquid Shredder boards because they are the best quality for the least expensive price. 

Words From The Founder

  "I began conceptualizing this business when I was attending The College of Charleston.  I was on my own financially when I was in school, so saving money for another surfboard was difficult to do while paying rent, tuition and bills.   
One time I was ripped off on a board I bought through Craigslist.  I didn't know what to look for when buying a used board at the time.  It was coated in wax and stickers.  There were covered up holes that were beyond repair.  It was waterlogged, and completely ruined.  I texted, emailed and called him several times, and never heard back from him.  So how do I prevent this from happening to other people?  
I began to think of ways to require people to show all damage and repairs along with an honest description.  Then, Shred Season was born!"
-Liam Becker
Liam Becker is the founder of Shred Season Surfboard in Charleston, SC. This is him at the Carolina Surf Film Festival after surfing on Folly Beach.