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Meet The Team

Liam Becker - Founder & Manager

Growing up in New Hampshire I was limited to skateboarding and a little snowboarding (or so I thought).  At the beginning of high school I moved to Virginia where I quickly fell into a group of friends that surfed.  One friend, Russell, pushed me to improve quickly.  I was hooked.  We moved to the South Carolina to attend The College of Charleston and surfed every chance we could. 

Some of my favorite surf spots are in New England.  If you can get over the cold, you have access to some of the best "hidden" breaks on the east coast such as The Wall, Matunuck, and Point Judith. 

In my free time I enjoy seeing my musician friends play shows, yoga, shark tooth hunting and helping to grow another business, Apis Mercantile Hemp. I also enjoy volunteering for Surfers Healing on Folly Beach. 


David Farina - Head Shaper

David Farina is the head surfboard shaper for Shred Season.



Daniel Brown - Surfboard Expert & Professional Board Repairman 


Bobby Bernatavitz - Beginner Board Expert & Sales Representative 

Bobby Bernatavitz is the beginner board expert for Shred Season Surfboards.  He set's up new surfers with the correct soft top based on their height, weight and surfing experience.

I first started surfing in the summer of 2016 when I transferred to The College of Charleston in beautiful Charleston, SC.  I always had an interest in board sports growing up snowboarding, but with surfing I dove in nose first (rofl).  I started surfing on Folly Beach as much as I could in between classes and on weekends, but my passion for the sport/hobby/whatever you wanna call it continues grow over time with no stopping in sight. 
One of my favorite parts about surfing is being able to travel to new breaks. When I'm not working at Apis Mercantile, I enjoy going on weekend trips around the East Coast to places like Wrightsville Beach, NC and Jacksonville Beach, Fl. I've also surfed in Huntington Beach, CA and on the Gold Coast of Australia while studying abroad!
In my free time I enjoy seeing live music, learning new skills that have no practical use like indo boarding and juggling.  I love going hiking and camping with friends. Chances are if you go to the folly pier you will see me out there before and after work, so come say hello!


Lejend Baine - Used Board Expert & Sales Representative

Lejend Baine sets up Shred Season customers with the correct surfboard in Charleston, SC.


Andrew Brown - Photographer & Blogger

Andrew Brown is origionally from California but is currently living in Charleston, SC.  He is the official photographer for Shred Season and writes some amazing blogs.