Sell Your Board

Tell us about your board, and we will call you to get started!

  • Shred Season charges a commission on the price you decide to sell the board for.  (See rates below). 
  • We sell boards faster and more efficiently than Craigslist, and other online platforms.  
  • No more sketchy meet-ups in parking lots, or dealing with people lowballing you through annoying texts.    
  • Just drop off the board with your local crew member to evaluate and catalog.  We will hold onto the board to ensure it's safely stored.  
  • The board is still your property until someone buys it from the website.  If at any time you decide you no longer want to sell your board, no problem!  We can coordinate a time for us to return your board to you.  
  • Once the board is sold, we pay you by check or Venmo.


Up to $149      35%

$150 - 199      25%

$200 - 499      20%

$500 and up   15%


If the board is taken back before board is listed  $10

If the board is taken back by the seller within 20 days of board being listed $35

If the board is taken back by the seller within 60 days of board being listed $25

After 60 days the seller is welcome to take the board back at no cost.  All other cleaning or repair fees must still be paid.

All repair costs and cleaning fees must be paid in full by the time board is received from crew member.  

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