Soft Tops

High-performance soft top surfboards are THE BEST boards to quickly advance your skill.  The extra buoyancy allows you to catch even the smallest waves with ease.  They are much safer to use than hard boards while you're learning.  We offer the Liquid Shredder FSE model because we know first hand how well they surf and we want you to gain experience so we can shape you a custom one day!  

Surfboards for beginners are quite affordable, and your first surfboard will always be fun and useful even after progressing to an intermediate surfing level.  

If you do not live in the Charleston or Hilton Head area and would like a board shipped, PLEASE contact before purchasing. 

Feel free to call or text me,  Bobby with any questions! 
(843)631-8384  // 
"Whats going on everybody?  I started surfing a few years ago when I moved to Charleston and immediately was hooked. I began surfing on a soft top board which helped me to master the fundamentals and progress to be able to ride any type of board. Surfing has become my favorite hobby and I want to share it with the people who are ready to start surfing.  So if you're looking to get into it shoot me a text or call and I would be more than happy to help you get in the water as soon as possible!"


Free board pick up by appointment in Charleston, SC area.  Free pick up in Hilton Head, SC may take up to a week.