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Soft Tops

High-performance soft top surfboards offer important features to condition your surfing techniques.  They are great for beginner surfers because they have a lot of buoyancy, making wave catching easy.  The have a lot of stability on water, so slight errors will be more forgiven.  Soft tops can catch even the smallest waves, so they're extremely fun even when the waves aren't so great.  

Surf novices should have soft top surfboards. They will help them catch as many waves as possible in the early white water stage.  This is important for your core fundamentals of surfing.  

Surfboards for beginners are quite affordable, and your first surfboard will always be useful, even after progressing to an intermediate surfing level.  

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Free board pick up by appointment at Bohemian Bull Restaurant in Charleston, SC.  Free pick up in Hilton Head, SC may take up to a week.