Handshaped surfboards by David Farina.  We work with you to dial in the perfect dimensions, concaves, channels, rockers, rails, volume and art.  We base the construction on your height, weight, experience and local wave.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions!


All custom LONGBOARDS come with a "performance guarantee" ride it for 30 days and if you do not like the way it performs return it to us and we will make the necessary changes and get you a BRAND NEW custom longboard at no cost. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO DAMAGED OR BROKEN BOARDS.


Meet our shaper.

David Farina is Shred Season Surfboard's head shaper

"My name is David Farina and I have been building surfboards on the East Coast for over 26 years.  At 19 years old, I was named one of America's top upcoming shapers.  It has been a great honor to partner with Shred Season to make individualized shapes for our customers. Should it be one of our stock models, a modified model to suit your size and skill level or a concept you've been visualizing, we take pride in building you a magic board. Our boards are made entirely in the USA from first quality materials.  If you have any questions feel free to reach out!"

David Farina of Shred Season Surfboard shaping a custom for a South Carolina surfer in his shaping room.

Boards and shaping process.

At Shred Season we start with blanks from Millennium or US depending on the design. For our Epoxy boards, the EPS is 2lb foam made by Marko also here in the USA, so you can be rest assured that you are getting the best surfboard cores on the market. Boards are laminated with Hexcel cloth, Silmar resins or Resin Research Epoxies. We offer Fin Systems from FCS and Future.

Look over our models and descriptions, once you have decided on a design, David will be in touch to determine what changes we need to make so that the model is catered to your size, weight and ability. Unlike competitors that want you to fit into their mold, we mold the board to you.

David Farina shaping a custom surfboard for a South Carolina surfer.

The prices listed below are starting base-prices.  We can do every imaginable color configuration, glassing schedule, and shaping extras can be added on so let your mind run wild but CALL US FOR AN EXACT PRICE QUOTE.

Call or Text David:  (904)501-4016



*Note these are starting prices to give you an idea, custom quotes will be generated based upon options discussed.  Available for local pickup in St. Augustine, FL.*

  • Up to 6'11   $695  +100 for epoxy (EPS Core)
  • 7' - 7'11      775$   + $125 for epoxy (EPS Core)
  • 8' - 8'11     $825 + $175 for epoxy (EPS Core)
  • 9' - 9'6      $875 + $200 for epoxy (EPS Core)


  • Anything from custom graphics and colors to polished finishes can be done. An exact price quote will be determined by which options you want.
    Regular price $200.00
    Regular price $200.00
    Regular price $200.00