4'11" Liquid Shredder Black Ball Beater - Yellow

Shred Season

Regular price $100.00


DESCRIPTION:  The gnarliest, most affordable, skateboardey surfboard is now available!  This beater board is brand new for $199 with fins.  SUPER easy to catch waves with.  Advanced surfers can seriously rip this board.  Highly recommended for anyone's quiver!

MANUFACTURER DESCRIPTION:  "The EZ Slider Blackball Beater Softboard 4ft 11in is ready to Rock n Roll.  At 4ft 11in this EZ-Slider Model Soft Surfboard really ROCKS!!  Squash Tail FSE Soft Surfboard is suggested for novice rider weight up to 95lbs. Experienced riders up to about 165lbs.  For experienced Riders it performs in all conditions.  It is tough, with EPE Deck with EPS core and PP hard slick bottom.  Cool hybrid mini simmons shape with Blunt “longboard” nose low rocker and wide tail. This BeaterBoard is designed to operate with or without the fins installed. This Liquid Shredder Soft Surfboard has Dual wooden stringers for strength. Heat laminated materials, no glue."

COMES WITH:  2 new fins.

DIMENSIONS:  4ft 11in x 21in x 2.5in