Interviewing Professional Surfer, Logan Hayes

Posted by Alex Whittle on

From being a local surf legend in his home state, to taking titles in international contest, Logan Hayes is a name you might want to keep up with… and/or keep out of your girlfriend’s mouth (homies a stud). Contrary to popular belief, this kid is a prime example that the East Coast can in fact, breed absolute rippers. Thanks for letting me pick your brain a little, brother!
Alex Whittle: Hey man, tell us a little about yourself.
Logan Hayes: “My name is Logan Hayes, I'm 20 years old and I'm a professional surfer from the east coast. I currently live in Winter Park Florida and my passions are surfing, fishing and I've actually taken up golfing pretty recently and really enjoy it so far!”
Alex: What about surfing first caught your attention?
Logan: “Well my dad surfed his whole life and has always been really well know around the area for it. So consequently, surfing has been apart of my life from the start. From a very young age I fell in love with the inconsistency and constant adaption that comes with surfing. You'll never ride the same wave twice, and I love that.”
Alex: Once you were exposed to surfing, how did you learn?
Logan: "Well like I mentioned before, my dad is a huge surfer and is still really into it at age 58. He’s pretty good for his age too haha. All of my initial learning came from him taking me out a bunch, but eventually it just got to the point where I was out there constantly, trying to stick wave after wave until it became muscle memory."
Alex: Do you remember the board you learned on?
Logan: "Oh absolutely. The first board I ever owned was an Orion and it’s actually still hung up in my bedroom."
Alex: What is your favorite everyday board to ride and where do you get your boards?
Logan: "My “favorite board” ultimately varies on the conditions, however if I had to choose one board, it would probably be a 5’8 mini Swallow Tail. In regards to where I get my boards from, I’ve actually had the same board shaper since I was 13. Erie Surfboards, check him out."
Alex: How did you get linked with him?
Logan: “He’s based in New Smyrna Beach and while I was surfing one day, he approached me as I was walking out of the water and asked if i’d be interested in him shaping a board for me. I agreed, ending up loving the board, and have been riding his shapes ever since.”
Alex: Where’s your favorite place to surf?
Logan: “I love the surf in Costa Rica. I’ve kinda grown up going there at least once a year and there are a bunch of spots that definitely seem to be my favorite so far.”
Alex: Any specific spots in Costa Rica that stand out amongst the rest?
Logan: "Oh for sure. Too bad they're secretes! Haha my dad found them in like 1990 and we've kept them to ourselves ever since."
Alex: Haha thats cool. So already established as a pro surfer, what is your plan for the future? 
Logan: "Well, I plan on taking surfing as far as I can. Hopefully i'll be able to make it my career and travel the world as much as possible." 
Alex: You've got it in the bag, no doubt. Dude thanks for taking the time to sit down and talk with us! We wish you the best of luck and can't wait to see where the future takes you. 
Logan: "Of course man, anytime. Can't wait for you to come back down to Florida so we can kick it and go surfing."